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‘Confessions of an Aroused Woman ~ Chapter 6’ Is on Amazon’s Kindle!

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I am so excited to announce that my first foray into writing erotica is now available via Amazon’s Kindle!

I have published an excerpt, Confessions of an Aroused Woman – Chapter 6, from my upcoming book of erotica.  Confessions of an Aroused Woman is comprised of experiences based on my personal journal into being a fully orgasmic woman. For those of you who have known me a while or followed my blog posts, you’ll know that this is a new-ish area for me (thanks to religious oppression and a bad marriage).  But I’m SO glad to be here! :)

This excerpt, Chapter 6, is only available on Kindle for right now, and it is free for Amazon Prime Members.  So Prime Members, feel free to “check it out” of the Kindle library.

I hope to have the audiobook of Chapter 6 available by the end of June.  So stay tuned for more info on that!

I’m actually very excited!  All of my writing has to do with human rights of one kind or another — especially women’s rights and women’s right to equality in being sexual (which is natural and normal!!!).  But all my previous writing has been for the stage as a musical, opera, or play.  This is my first time being “published.”

And it’s a bit of an experiment with Amazon, so please let me know how it works.  And PLEASE leave a review Confessions of an Aroused Woman – Chapter 6 — but only if you LIKE it.  :D



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DailyOJ 05-21-12: The Clit Also Rises

I woke up feeling energized. Not energized like I wanted to jump out of bed and bike 10 miles (like I would ever feel like that! :) ), but I did have to get up to meet the school bus.

However, I laid in bed and felt my genital/pelvic bowl area from the inside — mentally feeling the area, like a genital meditation. I felt heat and throbbing, but more of it — more expansive. And I felt fullness. I didn’t feel “empty” vaginally.

I couldn’t resist feeling with my hand what was going on down there, and I was amazed.  Combining the stimulation technique of OM with my previous energy work of KSMO, Tantra, and Kundalini has turned out to be the best orgasm combo ever.

Aside from being fully wet (thanks extra water and fish oil!), my clit was fully aroused like I’ve never experienced before. The clitoris, so very similar to the male penis, has a length of several inches inside the female, with extending parts, nerve endings, and vascular system. When unaroused, the clitoral head and the first part of the shaft hang down. But when aroused, the clit is erect.

I’ve never felt my clit so erect — ever, especially with no stimulation. Usually, once stimulated to this point and near orgasm, the clitoral head actually sinks back into the body — another sign of impending orgasm — when the clit is practically flush to the pubic bone. When erect, I can feel the shaft of my clit between my fingers — but just barely there. This morning, however, she was firmer than I’d ever felt her — higher, too. A true erection (though she couldn’t have been more than a 1/4″ high, if that). She felt… huge… and growing… I had the fleeting thought, “Is this what it’s like to have an erection?!” But she felt amazing — inside and out.

But with alarms going off for the impending hectic morning craziness, I couldn’t pursue anything… Instead, I spent the day writing yet another breast article.

That night, I felt that energy again, the humming/buzzing energy throughout my body. I had several full-body O’s via the lightest nipple stimulation — barely touching my breasts with my fingertips. Weird, but cool. With tomorrow being the last day of school, I decided to let it be… for now… I would have time to explore these awakenings later.

Aroused and erect,


For more of my personal orgasm journey, read Trish’s Daily O.J.
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DailyOJ 05-20-12: Stealth Clit & Nipple Orgasms

In getting ready for bed, I knew that I was too tired to do much but was still feeling a bit of a buzz from my heartgasm and O’s on Friday.  I did some barely-there stealth fingering with my fingertip — maybe 4 or 5, and I orgasmed a full-body, kundalini orgasm.  I kept caressing my clit very lightly and kept orgasming.

I was shocked (!!!) when the orgasm hit so soon.  It was kind of like… “Okay, now what?”…. Well, I didn’t have to wait.

Now that I was in that energy, the O’s kept coming with little stim needed on my nipples alone.  I had not done much with my breasts since experiencing painful nipple sensitivity for a couple weeks.  Thankfully, that had passed.

I did a few more orgasms via the barely-there, stealth clit stim and felt amazing.  These O’s aren’t explosive heat like the usual clit O’s, and I don’t experience any noticeable explosions in my head like true kundalini orgasms.  But what I feel throughout my body is a sudden wave of whoosh!, a full-on release of energy in all directions simultaneously, but I also notice the energy racing up my arching spine, and even into my throat area.  It’s as if the energy expands through me — a Big Bang rush, rather than “runs” out, the way other orgasms can taper off.

It is nothing short of incredible, and it’s happening more frequently…. All in all, loverly.

Aroused and O-ing,




Sex with Uncircumcised Men

With the issue of anti-circumcision rearing its “head,” I thought I’d petition comments from readers who would like to discuss the topic of uncut sex — sex with men who are not circumcised.

What does it feel like? Is slow sex better? Is deep penetration or shallow better? What are the pros and cons, the experiences from the man’s perspective? From his partner’s?

Mainly, I want to create an opportunity for mothers- and fathers-to-be to get a glimpse of why they should allow their sons to be left intact. Circumcision is permanent body modification, and this choice belongs to the male whose body would be affected. His parents are the stewards for his basic human right to be left whole.

There are rules for participating in the discussion!

Commenters can be:

  • Men who are UNcircumcised — I would especially love to hear from you guys!
  • Women/men who have been with men who are UNcircumcised — Please share your stories!
  • Circumcised men or their partners who have questions or comments regarding circumcision.
  • Readers who are supportive of the anti-circumcision movement and even potential legislation to ban circumcision.

Comments should be:

  • Respectful, NOT snarky toward men with circumcised penises — after all their right to choose what was done to their body was violated. It’s not THEIR fault they are cut.
  • From readers who have specific questions or info about the UNcircumcised penis, including hygiene, personal feelings/experiences, bullying, sexual info during arousal, penetration, orgasm, and after sex; oral, hand play, and anal sex; any info regarding the foreskin, lubrication, erections, ejaculation, sensations, etc.

Keep the conversation clean and respectful. And yes, every comment has to be approved by me first, so don’t waste my time being pro-circ, rude, snarky, or a jerk (or jerkette).

Check back often to read what others write, or sign up for the RSS Comments feed (on the right-hand side –>).

Now, chat away!


For more of my personal orgasm journey, read Trish’s Daily O.J.
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“Aroused Woman” is Changing the World

Or so it seems… :)

Today was a great day for getting the word out about women’s rights and women’s sexuality (and I didn’t even have to write about my hours of orgasms this morning to instigate it! HA!). Below are just a few of the tweets and comments from AW readers & my Tweet peeps in the past 24 hours.

From the Twitterverse, where you can find me @TrishCausey:

Maria a.k.a. @BarrelOfOranges, an anti-circumcision intactivist and super awesome won’t-take-shit kinda woman (must be Irish :)…) wrote:

“Activists changing the world…” and included me the group.

I cannot tell you how awesome that makes me feel. As activists, we don’t always see the fruits of our labor on a daily basis — we can work for years just to change one law. But this was wonderful. Thank you, Maria!

I got #FF’s (Follow Friday) from some great peeps including @NatlWOW. And I’m loving the chats with @COsB52bomb, @FeminaziStud, @Caitlin2156, and the loud-mouth @TheXClass, to name a few.

One of my former voice students and fellow activists, @PerryMJones, wrote:

“I love Twitter mostly bc of the controversy @TrishCausey knows how to stir! Keep it up, girl! :) #arousedwoman

… bestowing upon AW our first hashtag: #arousedwoman. Awesome! Let’s use it up and wear it out!!!

After I tweeted: “I lose 3+ followers w/ every breast/clit post I write. But gained a few w/ anti-circ,” my vagina-rights’ buddy @HumanChoices wrote me:

“I’m not sure what the hell is wrong with those fickle tweeters, but SOMETHING certainly is. You rock! :-)”

Jerry, a.k.a., @JBucknoff, who first told me about Lauren Odes being fired for being too busty, wrote me today:

“Saw the new post. This was mostly in the local (NY City) news so it came to my attention. Now ABC news & you R making it global.”

Thank you, my lovely tweeps!

And an AW reader emailed me with this today:

“… just putting into practice some basic principles I gathered from reading about the way men think women enjoy sex and the way they actually enjoy it, my girlfriend said “Who are you?” after making love to her one day. That made me feel great because I knew I succeeded in treating her just how she wanted to be treated and in the way I hope to always treat her from now on.”


That is what we want to see and hear!!!  We LOVE men!  We don’t hate men!!  And this kind of gentle metamorphosis in perspective and approaching sex/making love is EXACTLY why I started this!  OMG! I could orgasm right now …. wait… I think I did. :P

I’ve also been toying with the idea of having an online forum so that we can all learn from each other. Here’s a demo with some faux posts in the Main Forum — it doesn’t look all spiffy right now. But I’ve used this system on another site, and it’s an incredible learning tool as well as for sharing info about our fave topics, such as women’s rights, women’s bodies, and women’s sexuality… and the extended rights issues such as ending male circumcision, changing the soci-cultural perception of body image, promoting women-friendly erotica, etc. I can’t afford the Forum right now, so if anyone wants to donate some pennies, use the PayPal button to the right. Would be greatly appreciated!

All in all, a FABULOUS day!

May the Vagina be with you!


For more of my personal orgasm journey, read Trish’s Daily O.J.
Visit the AW site: Aroused Woman


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