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Federal Judge Strikes Down Ban on Gay Marriage in Mississippi

Gay-Marriage-EqualityToday, federal judge Carlton Reeves sided with two lesbian couples and an LGBT rights organization who had fought for marriage equality in the state of Mississippi. Technically, Mississippi is now a gay-marriage-friendly state! We weren’t LAST — hallelujah!

I always thought Mississippi was able to step up and not be LAST in the fight for LGBT rights such as marriage equality. This proves it is possible for Mississippi to be progressive. And I’m a marriage officiant, so let me know if you’re in the Magnolia State and want to get hitched!

The fight isn’t over, however, as the state has two weeks to file an appeal. Stay tuned for details.





TOD: Please Support ArousedWoman: Arts, Activism, & Awakening

ArousedWoman ActivismTopic of the Day: Please support ArousedWoman!

I just wanted to let you all know what’s going on with ArousedWoman, my artsy-activism, and more.

After my run as a Congressional candidate ended (in June), I sort of shut down. The reality of the horrible state of American politics was almost too much. I was literally on my own. In fact, not one person in my family wished me well when I announced my candidacy or congratulated me on trying to work for the people when it was all over.

I am in the process of writing a short book about my time as a candidate because we canNOT stay where we are in this polarized political setting. Not only will the country not move forward, I am afraid we are moving backward at an alarming rate.

In the few months since then, I went back to school — I’m still a single mom, and I am back at work with my daily activism.

A friend who knew of my computer woes took pity on me and gifted me with a new laptop (I’m still getting the hang of Windows 8.1). If you’ve followed my posts on Facebook, you know I recently pulled the hard drives from my dead computer and am searching for enclosures to see if all my original works (music, writings, activisty stuff) are still there. Fingers crossed!

With this fancy new OS, I have to update all my software I use — and I even have to get a new microphone to be able to do my radio show, ArousedWoman Radio, because the laptop doesn’t have a mic jack. So I need to get a USB mic.

Anyhoo, I’m hoping you will support me now as you have in the past — either with a donation or sharing the word about the AW Activism donation page. I simply cannot afford all this myself, and I do believe I am here for a reason. Maybe not for Congress, but definitely for speaking up for women’s rights, the disenfranchised, the poor — the people whose basic rights are negated every single day. Not only am I a vocal activist for a variety of human rights causes, I try to incorporate solutions into every artistic work I create. Without offering solutions, it would all be just complaining, which solves nothing.

Bottom line, I need financial support to get my works out there to the masses. If you can donate now to support my work (music, writings, upcoming books, the return of my radio show!), I will be very grateful. And if you’d like to set up a recurring (monthly) donation, we can do that, too. (I miss those old days when artists had patrons who supported their work! :-) )

I know some people are looking for a great cause to donate to here at the end of the year, and I think my work qualifies. If you would like to see links to what I do as an artist, here’s a link to one of my shows:, and the music player has song samples from “Witchcraze” and “Herstory”. (Scroll down on the music player.) And check out the gallery of pics below!

I am in the middle of writing several books: one on my campaign, a novel that deals with American Indian rights issues, and one on personal development. I am also looking to fund some stage concert readings of my musicals “Witchcraze” (set during the Salem Witch Trials and deals with women’s rights, protection of the First Amendment, and tolerance for people who are considered different) and “Herstory” (highlights women who affected world events but didn’t always make the his-story books), as well as my one-act opera, “Two Hearts”, which explores LGBT issues, including marriage equality, and my requiem which is based on a couple of the gospels that were purposely left of out the bible by the early church fathers.

I need to raise $600 by the end of November, and another $1,500 by the end of December, so that I can get my books ready for publication in January, as well as get the equipment I need to get my radio show back on the air in January. I also need to upgrade this blog, but that’s a wish on the backburner for now.

If you’d like to support my musical or literary works specifically, message me for the link. It’s still tax-deductible. :-)

So, I am humbly asking for your support. Check out the various Rewards listed, which include a subscription to ArousedWoman Magazine, ad-space, one-on-one teaching, and more! Donate here.

I truly appreciate your help. As I say on Twitter, “Activism doesn’t get a day off.” The way things are going, it looks like we need to work even harder to ensure our rights are supported and protected.





NEWS: ArousedWoman Magazine PRE-SALE Premiere Issue or All 6 Issues

ArousedWoman MagazineComing soon!  ArousedWoman Magazine will hit the cyber-newsstands in August 2014.

You can pre-order and get yours reserved for $9.99.  Or get a subscription for all 6 bimonthly issues for just $49.99.

In order to be truly happy, you have to be happy (and healthy) on several levels.   The best way to accomplish this is with solid information so you can make informed decisions about your life, your body, your rights, and your peace of mind in this crazy, hectic world.

AW Magazine will be a digital publication, readable on any computer or mobile device.  The premiere August/September issue will be released in August 2014.

An extension of AW Blog and AW Radio, AW Mag is an in-depth look at various topics for women (and men!), including sex, health, fitness, nutrition, feminism/activism, original erotica, guest writers, spirituality, reviews, and more!

The August/September 2014 issue will feature articles and interviews on the topics:

  • Body image
  • California women’s Reiki healing center
  • Radiant pleasure
  • Finding our way back from patriarchy
  • Goddess-based spirituality
  • The new Atheism
  • Classical Tantra
  • Activist film festivals
  • Revolutionary Feminism
  • Painting female nudes
  • Healing yourself through meditation
  • Knowing your vagina
  • Massage & the importance of touch
  • Breast Health
  • Protecting your clit
  • Orgasm tips
  • New AskTrish letters
  • Sexual health
  • Overall nutrition
  • Recipes
  • Original erotica
  • Guest articles
  • OpEd pieces
  • Reviews

Every issue will have new articles, new guests, new important health coverage, and new original erotica!

Pay using your PayPal account or your credit or debit card:

And please SPREAD THE WORD by sharing the link to this blog post.  Thank you!






NEWS: I Can Now Marry You

handfasting-marriage-wedding-handsI am now an official Marriage Officiant!

If you’re looking for a pagan, heathen, witchy, Wiccan, bohemian, theatrical, non-traditional, out-of-the-ordinary, non-Christian, and/or non-religious wedding, LET ME KNOW!  (I will be happy to officiate a Christian marriage, too.)

I want to provide an alternative to those who can’t or don’t want a Christian/church wedding but want more than the Justice of the Peace gig. 

If you’re in a state that allows GAY MARRIAGE, lemme know!  I will travel!

Feel free to contact me by leaving a comment below.








NEWS: Alabama Finally Legalizes the Sex You Were Probably Already Having

hug from behindThe Alabama Court of Appeals has finally brought the Red State of Alabama into the modern era by throwing out a law that criminalized consensual oral and anal sex between unmarried people.

According to Alabama Code, Section 13A-6-60, “Deviate Sexual Behavior” is defined as, “Any act of sexual gratification between persons not married to each other involving the sex organs of one person and the mouth or anus of another.”

The reason, of course, for making such consensual sex illegal is to target members of the LGBT community, since Alabama and most Red States dwell in the God-fearing, fear-mongering, guilt-swilling Bible Belt.  In fact, other media outlets have claimed this is a victory for “gay sex”.

But hold on, there, sparky!  I guess no one realized that unmarried hetero couples also partake of oral sex and anal sex as alternatives to or in prelude to vaginal penetration …  such as when a hetero couple doesn’t want to get pregnant, or maybe the woman is in those six weeks after giving birth when the vagina is off-limits to the guy’s penis?  Or hey, maybe they just LOVE oral or anal sex?!  Quelle surprise!

With oral sex and anal sex being decriminalized, it means Alabama is one step closer to acknowledging grown, consenting adults’ basic human right to do what they want in bed.

America is coming around, albeit slowly, to the fact that sex between consenting adults is no concern of government or religious busy-bodies.

Pucker up!




ALA CODE § 13A-6-60 : Alabama Code – Section 13A-6-60: DEFINITIONS – See more at:
(2) DEVIATE SEXUAL INTERCOURSE. Any act of sexual gratification between persons not married to each other involving the sex organs of one person and the mouth or anus of another. – See more at:
(2) DEVIATE SEXUAL INTERCOURSE. Any act of sexual gratification between persons not married to each other involving the sex organs of one person and the mouth or anus of another. – See more at:
(2) DEVIATE SEXUAL INTERCOURSE. Any act of sexual gratification between persons not married to each other involving the sex organs of one person and the mouth or anus of another. – See more at:

(2) DEVIATE SEXUAL INTERCOURSE. Any act of sexual gratification between persons not married to each other involving the sex organs of one person and the mouth or anus of another. – See more at:


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