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Fitness: Day 3 of 30-Day Plank & Fitness Challenge

30-Day Plank Fitness Challenge Day 3I did a 40-second plank and 2 rounds of Surya Namaskara A (Sun Salutation A, from the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga tradition). I also did some biking.

Just three days in, and the plank already feels easier! I know that’s hard to believe when you try that first 30-second plank; but believe in yourself, and you can do it.

If you’re following on Facebook, go ahead and leave your workout regimen in the Comments below.

And remember, if you’re just now finding this, it’s not too late to get started! Go ahead and jump in. And be sure to read this intro to the challenge.

You’ll be glad you did this for yourself (with your doctors’ okay, of course).




Fitness: 30-Day Plank & Fitness Challenge

ArousedWoman-30-Day-Plank-Fitness-ChallengeI announced on Facebook that I was going to start a 30-Day Plank Challenge for my own fitness, and a number of people said they wanted to join me. Day 1 of the Plank Challenge went better than I expected, and Day 2, I squeezed in my plank while dinner was cooking in the oven.

Two days in, several of those who had committed actually came through and did their 30-second planks. A few of them even did a little more by adding walking or some yoga or some other fitness workout moves to their challenge.

So I’m revising the challenge to the 30-Day Plank & Fitness Challenge and bringing it here to ArousedWoman! Do what you can, and if you’re up to it, do a little more. (If you’re under a doctor’s care, get their permission first.)

Here’s how the challenge works. Day 1, start with a 30-second plank, then add on 5  to 10 seconds each day until you reach 3 minutes at Day 30.

Now, we’re going to add on some other form of exercise each day: squats, kettlebells, sex, yoga, Pilates, swimming, sex, tree-climbing, soccer, sex, volleyball, sex, etc. And don’t forget — the best exercise is SEX! :-) And YES, solo-sex definitely counts.

Follow along with the various posts in the 30-Day Plank & Fitness Challenge category, and write up your plank and fitness accomplishments in the comment section below the blog post for each day. You can also click the “Day” links below to go to the blog post for that day.

Day 1 – 30 seconds …

Day 2 – 30 sec

Day 3 – 40 sec

Day 4 – 40 sec

Day 5 – 45 sec

Day 6 – 45 sec

Day 7 – 50 sec

Day 8 – 50 sec

Day 9 – 55 sec

Day 10 – 1 minute

Day 11 – 1 minute

Day 12 – 1 min 10 sec

Day 13 – 1 min 15 sec

Day 14 – 1 min 20 sec

Day 15 – 1 min 25 sec

Day 16 – 1 min 30 sec

Day 17 – 1 min 40 sec

Day 18 – 1 min 45 sec

Day 19 – 1 min 50 sec

Day 20 – 2 minutes

Day 21 – 2 minutes

Day 22 – 2 min 10 sec

Day 23 – 2 min 15 sec

Day 24 – 2 min 20 sec

Day 25 – 2 min 25 sec

Day 26 – 2 min 30 sec

Day 27 – 2 min. 40 sec.

Day 28 – 2 min. 45 sec.

Day 29 – 2 min. 50 sec.

Day 30 – 3 minutes

Be sure to write in your experiences in the comment section below the blog post each day.

Have fun, and good luck!




Fitness: Day 2 of 30-Day Plank & Fitness Challenge

ArousedWoman-30-Day-Plank-Fitness-Challenge-Day-2Today is Day 2, and I did a 40-second plank. I also did some very gentle stretching because I’m dealing with some sciatic pain in my left hip. But I also did some time on my bike today.

See? It’s easy to add on some easy exercise to your challenge. Start where you are, and be mindful of how your body responds. But most importantly, just get your butt off the couch!

Tomorrow, I will go for some yogic Sun Salutation.

What were you able to accomplish today? Were you able to make it through the 30 seconds?



DailyOJ 08-12-15: Masturbating with Menstrual Blood

yoni-puja-flowers-hand-in-mudraThe alarm went off. I woke up. Sort of. I snoozed the alarm and stretched.

I felt warm liquid at the opening of my vagina, but it was held in by my inner labia. I had been on my period for a few days, so this should be the day it takes off. My usual cycle is three days then a day off, followed by a day that is really just heavy spotting. On those last two days, I don’t use a tampon. It hurts too much to pull it out when there isn’t enough blood flow and the cotton absorbs any vaginal fluid.

Being horny and kind of forgetting about being on my period the past three days, I reached down and fingered my labia, feeling some of the fluid there at the gate, ready to burst forth. Warm and thick, the viscosity was slightly different — not much but enough for me to notice. I brought my fingers out from under the sheet and saw traces of red mixed in with the clear vaginal fluid.

Then I remembered my period. I brought my fingers up to my nose and inhaled. Metallic. I didn’t care. My hand slipped back under the sheet, and my fingers found my lips again.

As I spread the juices around my labia and my clit, the fluid seemed a little more sticky than usual. There was more blood than I had thought there would be. I had never masturbated using menstrual blood before; not intentionally anyway. And honestly, yesterday would have been the perfect day due to the heavier flow. I also didn’t have a towel handy, so I didn’t go full-on friggin’ off.

I kept to my stealth orgasms that involve the smallest, barely-there touch to the side of the external clitoris. This barely-there touch triggers immediate full-body orgasms — not the explosive type of orgasm associated with stimulating the clit tip. These are more like vaginal/prostate full-body orgasms, except these happen almost instantly; but the moment of climax with these stealth clit orgasms is much stronger than the wave-like feeling of a vaginal climax.

The blood mixed in with my vaginal juices helped because, otherwise, vaginal fluid is very slick and slippery. As it should be! The blood made the fluid a little bit sticky, so it was easier to keep the tip of my finger in the exact spot on the head of my clit.

Perhaps I should have felt weird about this, but I didn’t. Menstrual blood is one of the five sacred fluids in Tantra, however, most women are made to feel shame about this very natural and very necessary process of shedding the uterine lining each month. Tantra has extended rituals of worshiping the yoni, which is the Sanskrit word that simultaneously refers to the vulva and vagina as well as the woman as a whole.

I don’t mind sex during my period, but it must be slower and more careful. My cervix (the lower third of the uterus that descends into the vagina) can be very tender — as will be my breasts and even my inner thighs. This morning, I definitely was not going to use a toy, but playing in the mixed fluids and deriving pleasure from them allowed me to have a different perspective on the possibilities of using menstrual blood as lubrication for solo-play in the future.

I say “in the future” because I didn’t get to go as far as I wanted. The alarm went off again, and this time I really had to get out of bed and get moving. But I will definitely revisit masturbating with menstrual blood again. Blood is sacred, and so is self-love. It’s kind of a perfect combination … if you put a towel down first.

Aroused and sticky,




Fitness: Day 1 of 30-Day Plank Challenge!

Fitness: Day 1 of 30-Day Plank Challenge As part of my Food & Fitness video series, today starts a 30-Day Plank Challenge (that, for some reason, I thought would be cool. :-) ) With life, stress, and obligations, I’ve gotten out of my old exercise regimen. It’s time to get back into the workout lifestyle that led me to become certified in yoga, Pilates, and holistic life coaching to begin with.

So why do this? Exercise is very important, not only to your daily, overall health, but especially for your sexual health and happiness. (i.e., ORGASMS!)

In this video, I explain plank a little bit. Form is incredibly important because you can hurt your back if you don’t do it correctly. If your butt is too high, you’re using your legs to assist, and that is cheating! So keep your tush in line with your body.

I also do our beginner plank of 30 seconds…. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

Watch the video to get started and see where we’re going with this 30-Day Challenge. BE SURE to leave a comment below if you’re joining me in this. You can also follow my daily Plank Challenge updates on Facebook.

Be safe and have fun!





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