DailyOJ 01-20-12: Immature Males Infuriate Me

January 20, 2012

(*In response to a query about an incident on the KSMO forum with an immature male who was jealous of my multiple orgasm capabilities and called my journey “pointless.” *)

(To the querent) I’m sorry if I sounded harsh, that wasn’t my intent.  I just wanted out of that negative energy (with the immature male) immediately.  To have my sexual, sensual, orgasmic journey belittled and called “pointless” is just rude and misogynist.

My point was that women’s journey to multiple orgasms will ALWAYS be different than men’s.  And if being different, and embracing the difference, and enjoying our different journeys is discounted, then women and men will never be able to openly communicate about sexual matters.

So my women’s activism self came to the fore.  It wasn’t so much about me, but that any woman who reads those comments of that chat will think she shouldn’t post on KSMO about her journey.  However, because the KSMO forum is Jack’s playground and not mine, I tried to be civil — when I really wanted to go flaming ballistic!

These young guys are all ego and misinformation from porn, movies’ sex scenes, magazine sex quizzes, and locker room bullshit.  They combine their immature frat-boy mentality with their ridiculous jealousy over women’s ability to have multiple orgasms, completely oblivious to the difficult journey most women travel to be orgasmic at all, much less experience multiples.  They seem to forget that they, the men, can indeed enjoy multiple orgasms, too.  But hating on women and women’s bodies seems to be a recurrent theme in the 2012 #WarOnWomen.  And yes, dealing with these assholes does make me wonder why I’m not a full-time lesbian.

This repeated experience of immature 20- and 30-something males verbally attacking me in the KSMO forum and chatroom because I’m a vocal proponent of furthering accurate, honest knowledge of female sexuality was partly the impetus of me starting my Aroused Woman activist site and this blog.  So maybe some good came out of an otherwise distasteful and unwarranted situation (again).

Aroused and fighting,


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