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Periscope: Trish Causey as @TrishCauseyThe new(-ish) social media craze is Periscope, a live-feed video app created by the makers of Twitter. I’ve been playing around with this app, and I absolutely love the possibilities of reaching people around the world through live video instantly.

While I still need to get a better phone/camera and lighting, the few broadcasts I’ve done have already proven the app’s worth. And best yet, it is FREE! I am definitely adding Periscope to my varied social media presence consisting of this blog, YouTube, Facebook, and the upcoming AW Magazine.

The app allows viewers to make comments during the broadcast; viewers online can watch but not comment. I’m sure Periscope’s creators will add more bells and whistles as it catches on with a wider audience.

Find me on the Periscope app: @TrishCausey, or online at And follow me on Twitter because I always give a heads-up regarding when I’ll be on and what the topic will be: @TrishCausey.

See you on Periscope!




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